Important Announcements

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CAMEO   please note  that this  group does not  meet during the months December, January or February .

Womens Fellowship also does not meet in January or February and also has a summer break ( no meeting)  in August .


From the 6th October, we intend to display memorabilia, photographs, pictures, newspaper cuttings, etc of both St Edwards and St Georges Church over the past 60 years.

If you have any of the above we could use for this display, it would be much appreciated. Great care will be taken with your treasures.  Please let Donna or Lesley know if you have any material that can be used.


Saturday 13th October we shall be making our Annual Pilgrimage to Westminster Abbey.  We plan to travel by Tram and Train and on our return home, we will visit a Restaurant in Croydon.

To celebrate our special event we are planning a service on Sunday 14th October at 10.30 and wish to involve our local schools, Councillors, and of course, past Clergy.

It would be great if all could take part in either one or the other event, or even better take part in both. More details to follow.