Seventh Sunday after Trinity 04-08-19

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 Treasure in Heaven Luke   12.13-21

We all need money to be able to do things and get things done. We work very hard to earn and we also try to save and sometimes accumulate. We work and live within a framework of economy and money plays a very important role in life. In Luke’s gospel chapter 12. 13 -21 we heard Jesus talk about people for whom life is about money and more and more money. There are two instances Jesus points to his listeners. The first is about a man approaching Jesus to be the arbitrator to share wealth between brothers. Jesus reacts to the person stating that is not his job to divide property. The story points to a sad truth that the brothers could not share their inherited property by themselves, they need a third party to do that. They are brothers but wealth makes them strangers. They become incapable of sharing the wealth themselves. The second instance Jesus tells us is about a man who had a land and his land produced abundantly. He gets more yield every year and then he tells himself, let me extend my barn and make it big and store the increasing wealth. Then he tells himself, soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years, eat, drink, be merry. Whatever excess he had, he would use it to enjoy his life. Jesus then puts forward this amazing question, “You fool! This very night your life is being demanded of you. And the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’ The Bible reminds us that money and wealth are Gods blessings to people and to the world. It can be a major problem when money is everything and nothing else matters. Money and wealth could also displace God in one’s life. Jesus our Lord points out to another type of riches. Riches toward God. How to store up treasures in heaven and for heaven. Every act of kindness is a wealth against our name. Every act of love and care and concern is a treasure that we store up. Money and wealth shared with those in need becomes your treasure in heaven. It appears that giving seems to get us treasure in heaven. This is the treasure that will matter and not the riches of the world. We can have wealth and it’s good to have money but we should use them for our wellbeing and also use it for the wellbeing of others with a spirit of sharing.