Tenth Sunday after Trinity 25-08-19

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Healing Grace Luke 13.10 – 17

One of the challenges that Jesus faced in his ministry was his healing on the Sabbath. The Pharisees were enraged that Jesus was repeatedly healing people on the Sabbath. Jesus was teaching all the time. He was drawing people to a new beginning in their lives. For the sinners it was forgiveness for those who are unwell, it was healing. It was Sabbath day once again and as was his custom, Jesus was teaching in the synagogue. He spots a woman who was bent over and unable to stand straight for eighteen years. Being bent over for eighteen years is not an easy thing. She could not see what is in front and all she could see as a bent over woman was the ground. Jesus moved with compassion and he calls her out and grants her healing. This is unique because she hasn’t asked for help. Jesus looks at her and does not wait for her to ask but reaches out to her with healing. Luke tells us that he laid his hands on her and immediately she was healed and she rejoiced and praised God. The woman has to face some harsh words from the leader of the synagogue. Why do you want to get healed on the Sabbath, you could look for healing rest of the days. Jesus comes to her rescue and explains to the leader. Why can’t she be healed on the Sabbath? When anyone caters to the need of ox or a donkey on the Sabbath why this daughter of Abraham cannot be healed on the Sabbath. The crowd were amazed at his explanation and rejoiced. Jesus heals this woman who was bent over. Incidentally, the Psalmist reminds us that God cares for all those who are bowed down and lifts them up. Being bowed down could be a medical issue but it can also be for so many reasons. When we are afraid, when we are ashamed, when in guilt, when we are too sad we face down. We face down because we don’t have the strength to look up. Whatever the reason, Jesus spots us when we bow down before our problems. Jesus spots us and comes to us with power and healing and helps us to look up. There are so many instances in the Gospels which tell us about Jesus healing on the Sabbath, Sabbath is a day of worship and prayer, a time of worship and prayer and Jesus, Jesus meets us with healing grace when we pray and worship. Worship is what we offer God and God offers us healing as we pray. Healing is to become alright, to get back to our feet. The presence of our God empowers us to look up and face the reality and face the problem and for us this is the healing even as we worship God today.