Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity – 13-10-19

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Luke 17:11-19         PATRONAL FESTIVAL

On this Patronal Festival day, we give thanks to God for our patronal saint, St. Edward King and Confessor. We are so proud to be named after him.

There are things that shine out as we remember St. Edward from his life: Holiness and humility, Dedication and Healing.

He was a very prayerful king and lived his life as a gentle, and devoted king. He lived his faith in God. He even took a vow of chastity even after his marriage. We remember the Westminster Abbey which he rebuilt

He was dedicated to his people. He revoked unjust taxes and wanted his people to lead a happy life. He would not go anywhere but remained with his people and wanted to protect them under all circumstances. He had the gift of healing and he would touch people who are unwell and enabled healing of his subjects.

In the spirit of the life of St. Edward we dedicate ourselves to the three C’s that we stand for: Communion, Community and Communication even as we have begun our 61st year journeying with our Lord Jesus Christ to be his witnesses in our context.

In the gospel reading we heard of 10 people who were seriously afflicted who come to Jesus seeking his healing and he healed them. Then while 9 people went on their way one person came back looking for Jesus and that our Lord Jesus Christ commended the one who returned to him. The person who came back looking for Jesus came praising God and prostrated himself before Jesus and thanked him.

In a manner of speaking this is what we do as a church we come back looking for Jesus week after week. We come back joyfully thanking God for what God has done and we prostrate in our hearts before Jesus saying Lord Jesus, you are our salvation, you are our refuge and in you we find life.

There are many images of St. Edward and one very striking image is that of St. Edward holding his ring in his fingers not decorating his fingers but waiting to be given to the needy which he did. His ring is a sign of his authority and his wealth but he used them only to help others.

Today we remember St. Edward and we ask God to help us to live a life of holiness and humility, dedication and be channels of Gods healing.