Second Sunday Before Advent 17 -11 -19

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Luke 21:5-19 

Dear Friends

We are now moving closer to Advent and thereby we are coming to the close of a liturgical year. The gospel seem to prepare us for advent already. We heard in the gospel something very special. Jesus is now talking about times of trouble. For the Jewish people the temple was very important. The temple building as the sign of the presence of God. A divine space and therefore the temple building is always made very grand and very beautiful. The Jerusalem temple was built by Solomon then rebuilt by Ezra and Nehemiah and it is the pride of the people. Jesus and his disciples are in the temple and the disciples are amazed at the grandeur of the temple. Jesus now tells them of the end time when the temple will be destroyed and there will be news of war and terror and then there will be religious persecution. In this time Jesus says ‘This will give you an opportunity to testify’.

This may sound very alarming and shocking but Jesus tells his disciples that Faith will be demonstrated in the lives of his disciples even if the temples are destroyed. St. Paul writes to the churches that each Christian is a temple of the Holy Spirit and he also says that together we are built up together as the dwelling place of God.

Our lives reveal the presence of the living God and our fellowship together reveal the presence of the living God which cannot be destroyed or taken away.

Jesus invites us to be his witnesses when things are very difficult and when there is trouble and persecution and when there are wars and terror, when there is destruction because of natural disasters. We hold our faith and we testify to our faith in Jesus Christ.