First Sunday of Advent 01-12-19

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Matthew 24:36-44        WAITING FOR OUR KING

Dear Friends,

I greet you all in the Name of our coming King Jesus Christ. Today is very special for us. It is Advent. Advent is our faith and our hope. Today we are renewing our hope. Our hope is that our Lord Jesus Christ is going to come again as the king and as the judge. A new beginning of a new time that our Lord Jesus Christ is going to inaugurate.

The bible ends with a prayer, Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus and that is the first prayer of the church. The early apostles waited for the second coming so eagerly and the church has been waiting these two thousand years or so. The foundation for this faith is that Jesus himself made this known to his disciples that the Son of Man will come at an unexpected hour. No one knows when he is going to come. But it is going to happen. Jesus advised his disciples Keep Awake. In other words  be alert all the time. To keep awake is a very important thing to do as One will be taken and one left behind. Some will be taken and some left behind.

During the time of St. Peter, in his church believers began to discredit this proclamation that Jesus is going to come again. They began to say that Jesus is not going to come again because he has not come yet. Peter gives a very beautiful explanation and he says that God is not delaying but God is only patiently waiting for all people to turn to him so that none will need to be left behind.

Today we reaffirm the basis of our faith that Jesus our Lord will come again. We wait patiently by living our lives as the disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe that he is going to come again and we wait patiently. We however pray the prayer of the early church. Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus.