Third Sunday of Advent 15-12-19

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We continue our Advent journey and we are now coming closer to Christmas.

When we hear about John the Baptist, the verse that comes to our mind is Isaiah 40.3 which tells about a voice that cries out ‘In the wilderness prepare the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God. These are words given to the people of Israel who were living in exile in Babylon and they were thinking of their home and separated from the homeland was their agony and they longed to return to their home. This season of Advent we long for the moment when Jesus our Lord will appear in glory to take us home where we will be with him forever. We prepare our way to go home, making the path straight by walking the straight path.

John the Baptist who is a forerunner to Jesus is now arrested and is now in prison. He hears news about the ministry of Jesus and he wants to make sure if he was the messiah. He was the one who introduced Jesus to society as he exclaimed, Behold the Lamb of God.

He now sends word to Jesus asking him if he was the messiah or is someone else going to come. Jesus tells them about the freedom he is offering people, that the lame people walk, those who are affected by diseases are healed and good news is preached to the poor people.

Jesus commends John as no one is greater than John the Baptist. What was so great about John? He was courageous and spoke the truth. Pointing out to the wrong things people did and preached repentance. Helping people to change. He did not have any fear but pointed out to the truth of themselves and asking people to change. John also pointed people to Jesus as he exclaimed, here is the Lamb of God and let even his disciples leave him and follow Jesus.

We continue to prepare ourselves this season of advent by coming face to face with the truth about ourselves and in all that we do, point to Jesus Christ.