Fourth Sunday Of Advent 22-12-19

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FOURTH SUNDAY IN ADVENT – Matthew 1. 18-25


Joseph is now in a very difficult situation. He was betrothed to Mary and now he learns that Mary is with child and that is before his marriage. It is a very touch situation. He would have dreamt of living with Mary in Nazareth and enjoy sharing his life with her. He faces the dilemma of his life. Should he quietly move away from Mary or accept her. He struggles through this dilemma and finally decides that he will quietly move away without shaming Mary.

It is at this time that an angel meets him and requests that he accept Mary because she is bearing the Son of God, the Saviour of the world. He should name him Jesus. Joseph changes his mind and accepts Mary as his wife and in doing so he plays a very crucial part in the Christmas event.

Facing dilemma’s is very much part of our lives. There are always different options that come to us and we look for the easiest and the best option, the one that will not affect us in a big way. Here for Joseph, the option is not what suits him the best but what will be best for Mary and the baby Jesus. He chose the difficult one and stuck to that. On his decision his whole life changed, he had to even flee to Egypt to protect the child.

Jesus also had to face several dilemmas in his life and he chose always the difficult one. In the wilderness, as the devil tempted him, he did not choose easy options but he chose the path that he should take to be the Saviour of the world. At Gethsemane, he was facing the dilemma of the cross. He after struggling in prayer surrendered to God and said, If it is your will let it be so.

In situations of conflicting options and paths before us, Joseph inspires us to be daring and choose the path that may appear very difficult but nevertheless of great significance to other people. God walks with us when we choose the difficult path as he did with Joseph.