Christmas Day 2019

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CHRISTMAS DAY – Luke 2. 8-14


‘Glory to God in the highest heaven,
and on earth peace among those whom he favours!’

What a wonderful greeting by the angels from heaven. They are singing this hymn as they announce the good news of great joy. This is after they have announced that there is now help from God for all people. ‘to you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, who is the Messiah, the Lord.’ These are shepherds carrying on their work. Their work is to care for the sheep. The Shepherds are very special people because they live for others. For their family – for the sheep. It can be a very difficult life for these shepherds. They carry the burden of providing for the sheep, to protect the sheep. When they go about their work, they have to find green pastures for the sheep and that may not be a green pasture for them. They are away from the comfort of a home. It is to them this news is told. Cheer up. I have good news of great joy for you – there is a saviour the messiah born this day for you.

It is so wonderful because the saviour is going to be the shepherd of people and he will provide for the shepherds and protect them. The angel told Joseph that the child should be called Jesus because he is going to save people from their sins. A Child who shows the way, the right way to live. The shepherds who have such a touch time do not have anyone to care for them, to guide them, to protect them and for all such people a saviour is born.

Like the shepherds of Bethlehem, we find ourselves so engrossed in our work and in our responsibilities. Hardly we find time for ourselves but all the time living for others. The Birth of Jesus is an invitation to go and meet him, adore him and worship him and receive him. He comes as God Emmanuel, a God who is with us.

Christmas is therefore a great celebration. It is a good news a great news for all humanity. It becomes Christmas when we see in Jesus our saviour, my saviour. Though a human child, he was God. Though born in a humble manger with no room anywhere, he is the Lord of the universe. The Son of God is born with the heavenly singing of the angels. This Christmas day we meet him, adore him, we worship him and we receive him to find the joy and peace that he brings.