Epithany Sunday 05- 01- 20

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Matthew 2. 1- 11


Epiphany is such a joyful festival as we remember the visit of the three Wise men from the East to Bethlehem to see baby Jesus. It is a very special and significant event surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

The books of the Old Testament affirms that God is the creator of the world and that God loves and cares for all creation. However it was understood that the Jewish people are the ones to whom God has revealed himself and they are the chosen people. In the birth of Jesus Christ, this idea is rewritten as God has revealed about the birth of his Son to the wise men from the east. They were also led by a star and were guided to come to Bethlehem to see the Messiah. The wise men follow the star and they come but lose sight of the star and they go to Herod assuming that he should be aware. He was not aware of this wonderful event and Herod learns from the chief priests and the scribes that the Messiah will be born in Bethlehem. The wise men then retrace the star and find Jesus the Messiah and they worship him and share gifts they have brought for the Messiah.

This is the wonderful thing about Epiphany, that God has revealed his glory to the world.

The Church therefore is a huge global family of people of races, languages, cultures and nationalities who are all drawn by the revelation of God in Jesus Christ.

Revelation of God in Jesus Christ comes with the invitation to all people to make the journey to see the revelation of God.

Life itself is a journey in time, and this journey now has a new meaning as we make our life journey as a journey to meet Jesus through our everyday experiences. Jesus is revealed as God Emmanuel, God with us. We is the companion in our journeys and he also is the guiding star that leads us to him. The wise men saw Jesus in Bethlehem we now see Jesus who is with us as we see his glory in every situation.

Jesus is also our final destination as we move towards the moment when he will be revealed finally in all glory to gather people to be with him to experience the heavenly glory.

We continue our life journey like the wise men with eagerness to see him but now we journey with the joy that he is journeying with us and reveals himself to us. He reveals himself in worship and also in the difficult and challenging times that face. We see his glory as he strengthens us to face the difficulties and challenges of life and helps us overcome them and journey therefore with confidence.