Baptism of Christ – 12-01-20

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BAPTISM OF JESUS        Matthew 3.13 – 17

It must have been a huge surprise and a shock for John the Baptist when he saw Jesus approach him to be baptised. John knew who Jesus was and knew that Jesus is the Lamb of God, much greater than himself. John must have been surprised that it was those repenting sinners who are coming to him for baptism. Here he saw Jesus who is sinless but standing alongside those sinners. This was repeated even in his crucifixion, Jesus was crucified amidst two criminals. This only goes on to indicate that Jesus the son of God came into a world of sinners to redeem them and to transform them to become God’s children.

John initially hesitates to baptise Jesus but goes on to baptise Jesus since Jesus insisted that John should baptise him. It was then as Jesus came out of the waters, the heavens opened and a voice from heaven affirmed before every one ‘This is my Son, the beloved, in whom I am well pleased’. This affirmation from heaven marks the beginning of the ministry of Jesus. In the gospels this is the first time this affirmation is made to the world. At his birth it was said that he is the messiah, Emmanuel, and in Luke, He will be great, Son of the most high and he will be given the throne to kingdom that will have no end.

The world hears that Jesus the messiah is God’s beloved son. John’s gospel tells that this only shows how much God loved the world that he gave his beloved son Jesus.

The mystery that we are given, in believing in Jesus we are made sons and daughters of God that we call God our Father. This is how Jesus taught us to pray that we call God our Father, look up to God as God’s children. St. Paul writes that the spirit of Jesus is poured into our hearts that we are able to cry out to God as Abba Father.

We now begin this New Year reminding ourselves that God has adopted us as his sons and daughters and we are inheritors of Gods kingdom. Just as the voice from heaven said about Jesus that he is God’s son, the beloved. The voice from heaven tells the same thing about us that you are God’s son, God’s daughter, Gods beloved.