First Sunday before Lent 23- 02- 20

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First Sunday before Lent 23 02 2020

TRANSFIGURATION – Matthew 17. 1 -13

For the disciples, Peter, James and John it was an unique experience as they have went up the mountain to spent time in prayer, they see a glorious sight, of Jesus transfigured. They have seen him as an ordinary carpenter, they have seen him by the sea, in the market places in the temple, in the midst of people, they have always seen him as an ordinary person. But here in the mount of transfiguration, as Jesus was praying his appearance changed, appearing as a dazzling light and his face was so bright as the sun that the disciples were not able to see his face.

The disciples see two other people Moses and Elijah conversing with Jesus. It was an experience of heaven meeting earth experience for the disciples. As they gaze in wonder there was an affirmation from the sky, they hear a voice affirming the true nature of Jesus, this is my beloved son, listen to him. Peter is so thrilled that he would like this moment continue as he says let me make three tents, one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. Jesus gathers the disciples and comes down the mountain.

As we contemplate on the change of appearance of Jesus, we think of the way our appearance changes. Sometimes on seeing a person, while facing a particular situation. Our appearance could be a joyful face, sometimes a very calm face, sometimes an angry face, sometimes a frightening or frightened face. The face reveals what goes on inside the mind. Joy, fear, anxiety, worry, excitement, grief and other human feelings.

Appearance tells others what we are and who we are, our appearance makes a statement about ourselves. There is a natural appearance of our self, our external appearance is the manifestation of the inner state of mind and sometimes our appearance reflects our self perception of what we think we are. For this we many times would like to enhance our appearance by the way we dress, by the choice of colours we wear and by the way we conduct ourselves. We try to put up an appearance before others.

We look to the appearance of Jesus, his face was glorious and radiant even as he is now preparing himself to experience abandonment, humiliation, torture and death. His radiance is seen as the revelation of his true nature. His radiance is because of his confidence about his true nature and the confidence that he is the Son of God and God was with him and in him.

As we receive the body and blood of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament, we have to pray, let me have your face Jesus. In that we will reflect your glory in all the experiences of life.