Journeying On – Thought For The Day – ( Meditation and Prayer)

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Reading: John 13. 1-17,31-35

Today is a very special day for us as we are preparing for Easter. Today is Maundy Thursday and on this day we remind ourselves that we have a mandate given by our Lord Jesus Christ that we should love one another.

Love is central to Christian faith to the extent that John while writing the epistles says that God is love. To have God is to have love. The fullness of God’s love is Jesus Christ.

St. Paul would say that Love is greater than prophesies, knowledge and even faith. It is an incredible thing to say but that is the essence of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Love leads to suffering for others, sacrificing for others and serving others. Jesus demonstrates this by washing the feet of his disciples. This was an act of humility and the power to reach out and touch the feet of the disciples. Washing the feet of the guests is done usually by the servants of the house. Here Jesus who is the master and Lord does this. He could do this because of the love he had for the disciples.

We are a community of faith rooted in this love of Christ. We care for each other because of the love of Jesus in our hearts. We serve each other because the love of Christ compels to reach out to people in need. We accept everyone and love them even those who have enmity towards us.

Love alone will make the world different while hate and selfishness makes the world a difficult place. We look at the cross of Calvary, it was an offering of love by Jesus Christ where he gave his life for the redemption of the whole world


God of love, in your Son Jesus Christ we learn the meaning of love and the means of loving. Worshipping him and following him our hearts and minds are so enriched by his love. Grant us grace to share this love with other people in need. Be merciful to all those who are affected by the Corona Virus and bless all those who are working day and night in the NHS trying to save lives. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.