St Edwards Congregation resource page ( Covid -19)

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This weeks St Edwards  Palm Sunday worship video can be found HERE  (  You Tube link )

The Order of service for the above ( Palm Sunday ) service can be found HERE 

A poem by St Edwards Parishioner Ros Green :

In two thousand and twenty Twas Mother’s Day again. The children came to visit

But between them was a pane, A pain of what they chorused, A pane of glass I said

We don’t want to pass COVID on And all end up quite dead. So we’ll save the hugs and kisses

Until the world is right ,Then we’ll have a knees up On Nan’s money – what foresight.

So though we love you dearly ,We’ll have to keep apart but our thanks for all your goodness

Comes deep from in our heart.

©Ros Green 2020