New Addington in the Spring

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Photographs of Nature at its best – something to cheer us up during times of crisis .

All pictures taken by members of  St Edwards Congregation

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To contribute to this page please send your photos to Lesley Clay

The first batch of photos supplied by Lesley

       Photos from Kevin and Jacqueline’s garden


 “walk on the wild side ” Photos taken in Rowdown Fields and North Downs whilst exercising ( and adhering to social distancing rules )


And back to Kevin and Jacqueline’s garden

Now the “lockdown” restrictions have been eased slightly We paid a visit to Coombe Gardens ( not in New Addington but very close by) The Gallery would be too big to include on this page so it is on a separate page HERE

Finally – one “advantage” of the council not cutting the grass for 3 months !!



                                                ALL “LOCAL” CONTRIBUTIONS GREATFULLY RECEIVED

                                            PLEASE SEND YOUR PHOTOS TO LESLEY CLAY OR JACQUELINE