20th September -The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

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The Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

Matthew 20. 1-16 

Jesus told this very interesting parable about the Kingdom of God in which there is a owner of a vineyard and he employed some people very early in the day and the wages have been agreed upon. It so happens that the owner of the vineyard invites different sets of people to work in the vineyard at different points of the day. Its pay time in the evening and the owner gives the agreed wage to those who began early but he also gives the same wage to everyone even those who worked much less time. This makes those who worked all day very sad. They are not happy that they have received what is due to them but they are so sad that those who didn’t work so hard also got the same wage.

For these people their happiness depended on what others have received and not what they have received.

They are also not satisfied that they were employed at a particular time and they have done what is required but they are disappointed that others work less hours but are treated equally.

The Parable states that the owner of the vineyard is just. He does not deprive anyone but gives what is due but the owner of the vineyard is also generous to those who worked less hours.

Comparing with others could prevent us from being thankful for what we receive and what we have.

Like how the labourers complain about the owner of the vineyard, people sometimes complain about God that God has been generous and gracious to others who in our eyes deserve less. We have to only rejoice that God is always just and also generous and gracious to all.