4th October- Harvest Thanksgiving

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Matthew 21. 33- end

Harvest thanksgiving is such a meaningful festival. It is a time of the year when we turn our hearts to God with a profound sense of thanksgiving and gratitude because God is our provider who provides us food that makes life possible.

We thank God for the earth and nature, which generates so much of food for us humans and for the entire created order.

We also remember the farmers and all those who work in the fields planting, caring, protecting and harvesting with such care.

Today we heard Jesus talk about a landowner and the tenants. The owner of the land creates a vineyard, fences it, builds a watchtower, also builds a winepress, and entrusts it to the care of the tenants to maintain it and use it and generate food. It is Harvest time and the landowner sends his representatives to the tenants to collect the harvest. The tenants beat us these people. The owner sends another set of people and the tenants beat them up as well. Then the owner sends his own son to collect the harvest. The tenants take him outside the vineyard, beat him up and kill him.

The Tenants want to dissociate from the owner and claim the land as their own. The owner on the other hand wanted to claim the relationship with the land and with the tenants.

Harvest time reminds us that the earth and all that is in it belongs to God. We are only given the privilege to care for the earth and benefit from it. We are accountable to God for all that we have received.

Jesus our lord teaches us how we should live our lives appreciating nature and even learning from it.

He teaches us to live with contentment and also to be mindful of the needs of other people. He teaches us to live depending on God and in a loving relationship with God and submit to God’s authority and purpose.

This harvest time we thank God for the earth and its goodness and we also recommit ourselves to God and affirm that life belongs to God. We dedicate ourselves to be faithful stewards of God’s creation and respect the earth