15th November -The Second Sunday before Advent

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The Second Sunday before Advent

15 11 20

Dear friends, We heard a very interesting parable from the Gospel according to Matthew.

There are three servants to whom the master gives certain portion of his assets. To one is given 5 to another 2 and to another just 1. It could be well the master’s perception of the capability of his servants. The master returns and wants to know what they did with the treasures they received. The person who received one says he just dug a pit and kept it safe so that when asked he could return. We could speculate various reasons for his behaviour. Perhaps he could have been upset that he got just one portion while others received more. He obviously did not think very high of the master and did not appreciate the generosity of the master. The master becomes angry and takes away the one and gives it to other who could put it to use.

In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus was talking about his second coming in parables. One major part of the second coming is the judgement of people. People have to account for what they have received from God. From the parable we learn that God expects us to put to use and let them flourish.

All of us have received gifts from God in varying proportions, in fact all that we are is a gift from God. Besides that the most valuable treasure that we have received in the gift of faith. We are expected to live our faith, put our faith to practice, act on the basis of our faith with love, kindness, generosity towards others.