14th December -Third Sunday In Advent

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On this third Sunday of Advent, I greet you in the name of the triune God Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

This Sunday is traditionally known as the Gaudate Sunday. Gaudate meaning Rejoice.

We heard St. Paul inviting us to rejoice, He says, rejoice in the lord always. How can we really rejoice?

John the Baptist had started to thunder in the wilderness calling people to repentance. The religious authorities are in wonder about the voice of John the Baptist and so they send people to find out from John who he was. John the Baptist the forerunner to Jesus declares I AM NOT THE MESSIAH. He goes on to say I am not a prophet and I am not Elijah.

It is such an amazing to say that he is not the messiah and that Jesus the true light of the world is the messiah, the one who saves, redeems and leads.

We have a temptation to be the messiah, to be a saviour, to be almighty, to be able to change everything for the better, to think we have the answer for ourselves and for others and this is quite a burden to be the messiah because in reality we can try but we can never really be the messiah.

John the Baptist points us to the messiah, Jesus our Lord. He is the true light that has come to remove the gloom of fear and sadness and enlighten us with his life. He is the messiah whom came into the world as the child born in Bethlehem to be our saviour, to carry our burdens, to lead us to life.

We set ourselves free from the burden of being the messiah for ourselves and for others. We can tell ourselves that I am not the messiah but I have Jesus the messiah with me and within me and in that confidence rejoice. We rejoice and pray the prayer of the church, Come Lord Jesus, come soon.