24th January -Third Sunday after Epiphany

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Third Sunday after Epiphany

Gospel John 2. 1- 11

Planning for a wedding is always a huge task. We even plan even a year ahead. Sometimes we even seek professional help to plan and organise. We certainly don’t want anything to go wrong especially with the celebrations and food and drinks.

It can be very difficult when things turn out differently, when unexpected things happen, it comes to us as a shock. It should have been a great celebration but there is something that went wrong in our planning and we feel devastated.

Such a thing happened in a village called Cana in the region of Galilee and Jesus, his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary and the disciples were all there as guests. As the celebrations went on the wine ran out. Nothing could be done. Planning had gone incredible wrong. There is no way this could be set right. It is the end of the celebration.

No not really, Mary the mother of Jesus realised who can help in this situation and she runs to Jesus and tells him about the crisis. After initial hesitation Jesus orders the servants to fill the water jars with water and asks the servants to serve the water. The water has turned into wine or we could say that the water that Jesus offered was more rich and tastier than a wonderful wine and everyone were amazed.

The celebration should have come to an end but it went on.

Sometimes unexpected things happen and we come to a standstill but Jesus helps us to go on even when unexpected things happen, when all the planning fails there could be a new plan.

We never planned or anticipated to be in a lockdown. We never envisaged a time when we have to shield ourselves from a deadly virus.

In the reading from the Book of Revelation we were reminded of a great wedding banquet in heaven where Jesus is going to be the groom and the church his bride clothed in fine linen which is the good deeds that we do on earth.

However at the moment we find ourselves in a state like the wedding of Cana. Corona virus seem to take the joy out of people’s lives. Like the Blessed Virgin Mary we turn to Jesus in our midst and we ask him for a new plan, for a new resources for life that in his leading the celebration of life would go on.