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We heard about a very beautiful incident in the Gospel reading from St. John’s Gospel.

This is the story of how Nathanael comes to meet Jesus. This was a meeting made possible by a person called Philip from Bethsaida who had already become a disciple of Jesus. Jesus had invited Philip saying follow me. Philip had been with Jesus and has heard him teach about God’s kingdom and perhaps see the way Jesus healed people. Now Philip shares his experience of Jesus with Nathanael. Philip had found in Jesus the Messiah whom the Old Testament law and the prophets have been talking about and tells Nathanael this great truth. Philip invites Nathanael saying Come and See.


Being with Jesus is a wonderful personal experience. One’s experience is so profound that it becomes the inspiration for others to meet Jesus and to be amazed by him. Nathanael inspired by Philip comes to meet Jesus and finds that Jesus had known him and it appears that Jesus was expecting him to come.

Nathanael was so amazed that Jesus knew him. Jesus assures him that he will see greater things.


Being with Jesus and following Jesus is an experience of wonder and amazement one will experience in life. This is the great joy in following Jesus.

The first amazing thing for Nathanael and for us is that Jesus knows us by name and actually is expecting us to come to him.


The second beautiful thing in meeting Jesus is to receive new eyes to see the world differently, eyes that will enable to see heavens open.


Nathanael instantly affirms ‘Rabbi, you are the Son of God! You are the King of Israel!’ In his affirmation he takes Jesus to be his teacher and his king. We look up to Jesus today and say Jesus you are my teacher, help me to understand, you and teach me the way I should live my life, you are my king shield me and protect me and the world from this dreadful Corona Virus and save us.