11th April Second Sunday after Easter

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Second Sunday after Easter

Gospel:  John 20: 19-end


From the day Jesus rose from the dead to the day Jesus ascended into heaven are 40 days and it is called the greater forty days. The church celebrates every year in these 40 days the experiences of the disciples, and people who followed Jesus, and encourage and empower each other to experience the Risen Lord Jesus in their own context.


In the post resurrection passages we see different experiences of people. Jesus appeared to Mary near the tomb but she thought Jesus was a Gardener. We hear about two disciples walking to Emmaus frustrated and disappointed that the Messiah was crucified, died and was buried. Their faces were cast down and so could not recognise the Risen Lord journeying with them, listening to their conversation and then talking with them. They thought Jesus was the stranger who knew nothing about their feeling and the incidents that happened. But Jesus opened the scripture for them and the disciples recognised Jesus when he broke bread.


In today’s reading we see that the disciples were in a locked room afraid of Jews. Jesus appears and offers peace to them, shows them His wounds, breathes on them the Holy Spirit, the power to forgive and offers a new life. The disciples are sent out by the risen Christ with the renewed spirit to forgive others.


Thomas who was not present the first time when Jesus met the disciples had missed seeing Jesus. He was not willing to believe the disciples’ story that they met the risen Jesus. He had said until he could see the scars and touch the scars he will not be able to believe. Jesus appears again, this time Thomas is present and Jesus shows to Thomas his scars. Thomas was moved in seeing the scars and proclaims “My Lord and My God”


We are still in the midst of fear and anxiety facing problems, difficulties, failures, having lost loved ones, and feeling there is no future. But the Risen Lord offers each one of us, the promises when we believe in him: the promise of his presence, the promise of his peace,

And the promise of his power to forgive.


Believe and stay blessed.


May God guide us to experience the Risen Lord and be filled with his peace and to proclaim, “My Lord and My God’!  Amen.