18th April-Third Sunday Of Easter

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Gospel: Luke 24. 36-48


In this Eastertide we continue to reflect on the post resurrection events narrated in the gospels. In all the four gospel accounts we can see that our Lord Jesus Christ is gradually building up the faith of the disciples.


In the Luke’s gospel, this is the first time that the disciples are seeing the risen Lord face to face. Earlier they have heard from Mary Magdalene and other women of their experience of seeing the Risen Lord, but the disciples would not believe.


The two disciples who met Jesus on the way to Emmaus have returned to Jerusalem to share the news that they saw and spoke to the risen Lord.


Here was Jesus right before them, the disciples still in great confusion.

Jesus had to demonstrate that he was a person and not a ghost. He had to make them believe. He shows them the scars in his hands and his feet. He invites the disciples to touch him and see. Jesus goes on to ask for something to eat and eats the broiled fish they offered.


All this sounds amazing and it appears that Jesus does not give up on the disciples. He seem to be determined to make them believe that he is risen Lord. The death and resurrection of Jesus Christ now leads the disciples into a new mission.


Jesus puts everything in perspective to the disciples. Whatever had happened have been anticipated from the time of Moses and the prophets and what the disciples witnessed is a fulfilment of all that was anticipated.


The death and resurrection of Jesus is not the end, there is more to be done, repentance and forgiveness is to be proclaimed to all the nations. The disciples now come into the picture as Jesus tells them they are the witnesses to all that has happened and for them it is going to be a new beginning, a new journey to live as the witnesses of the resurrection to all the world.


The risen Lord invites us with the same invitation, the work is not complete, he tells us, you are witnesses of these things. We journey on as witnesses of our Lord Jesus Christ with the confidence that the risen Christ is with us and leading us.