11th July – Sixth Sunday After Trinity

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Gospel: Mark 6. 14 – 29


Greetings to you all your friends in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We constantly make choices in life, there are some choices that are good and some that are not so good. The choice one makes has an impact on one’s life. We cannot forget that our choices affect other people and the wider community as well.

A person is at liberty to choose whichever way they want to go, whatever they would like to have, and whatever they wish to do. Here in the gospel reading from Mark 6. 14- 29, we see Herod is making choices; the problem with Herod is that he is making one bad choice after the other. He takes his brother’s wife and when John the Baptist questions Herod’s action, he puts him in prison. When the daughter of Herodias is prompted by her vengeful mother and asked for John the Baptist’s head, Herod chooses to behead John the Baptist.

Herod is making choices driven by power and pleasure. His joy causes immense pain and grief to others.

Mark is telling the story of the beheading of John the Baptist because Herod is now curious about Jesus. Jesus was becoming very popular and Jesus was teaching people and healing people and restoring people to life. In his teaching he was also talking about a new way of making choices. Therefore Herod wants to know who Jesus was? He thought it was John the Baptist who had come back to life perhaps to take vengeance on him. Obviously, Jesus was not.

Jesus came to give life for all and Life in abundance and for which he helped people develop values which will enable people to make the right choice for himself and for others.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ helps us to make choices that will be good to oneself and for others as well. Jesus unite us as God’s children and all people are united as one family. It is not about doing whatever may suit oneself. It is about doing what is good for all.

May God Almighty in Jesus and through Jesus help us make good choices in life. Let us love and establish a happy and peaceful kingdom of God here and now. God bless you all.  Amen