SEVENTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY Gospel: Mark 6:30-34, 53- end

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Gospel: Mark 6:30-34, 53- end



It was Jesus who had handpicked people to be his disciples and it was Jesus who gave them a task and it was Jesus who gave them the power and the ability to fulfil the task. The task was to share in his work, to teach, to heal and to restore people to health.


The disciples went and came back rejoicing because they experienced amazing results. They could see the fruit of their labour. When we see the fruit of our labour we tend to do more because we are so encouraged and energised.


It is interesting to see the response of Jesus, he tells them come away to a deserted place and rest for a while. Very interesting to note that Jesus is not asking them to go away to some place by themselves and rest. Jesus says come and rest.


Going to a deserted place, away from all the action, away from fulfilling all the work that needs to be done, to rest and revive oneself. Jesus is now going with them to help them rest, perhaps Jesus himself needed the rest.


Rest is so essential for our wellbeing and that is the reason why the scripture tells us that God has ordained the Sabbath as a day of rest. God who has infinite power stopped the process of creation after six days of work. To rest is also to stop and perhaps do nothing and revive oneself. Rest is therefore a very creative energising process.


Rest restores us and revives our body mind and spirit. Even spending time in prayer is a way of resting the mind, the body and the Spirit.


Soon after Jesus and the apostles return, they begin their work with renewed strength. They get into action straight away.


We hear the words of Jesus calling people, Come to me all those who are carrying heavy burdens, I will give you rest. We over work our body mind and spirit, sometimes this leads us a burn out or sometimes more seriously to a breakdown.