2nd August – Twelth Sunday After Trinity

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Twelfth Sunday after Trinity – 22 08 21

Gospel Reading:  John 6: 56-69

Today we heard a very emotional passage from John’s gospel. The sixth chapter of John’s Gospel begins with the amazing feeding of the multitude event. Jesus fed the great multitude of people with two fish and five loaves of bread. After that episode people were thrilled and even wanted to make Jesus as King. Jesus however did not succumb to their effort and he vanished from the scene.


At the end of this chapter Jesus is witnessing many people starting to walk away from him and interestingly he does not seem to compel them to stay with him. They liked Jesus when he provided bread and fish to eat, but not now.


He moved on from there and offered himself as food, a food that will make everyone to become like him, to be filled with his goodness, in having his power to change situations, in healing people and restoring people to life and the power to experience eternal life.


People said all this is too complicated, and walked away from Jesus.


This resonates with the story of our times. People walking away from the church, some walk away from God, they have some reason or other that makes them take such a decision.