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Exodus 2: 1 – 10

2 Corinthians 1: 3 – 7

Luke 2: 33 – 35


This Sunday in observed as Mothering Sunday. This is a very special day as we remember our mothers and those from whom we have received motherly care and we also remember our mother church which nurtured us with spiritual food and strength.


The word mother immediately brings to our mind attributes such as caring, bearing, providing, comforting, nurturing, protecting etc. In a way these words are also seen as divine action, what God does to God’s creation. We recognise that motherly nature is a reflection of divine nature. The person from whom we received motherly care and attention have been channels of God’s goodness, love and care.


We had a fascinating reading from the Old Testament. This is about the birth of Moses. Pharaoh the Egyptian ruler had given an edict that all Hebrew male child at birth should be thrown into the waters and killed. Quite inhuman and ruthless order of the king. It was at this time Moses was born and the mother decides to defy the king’s order and protects and preserved the child. Then when she could no longer protect, makes a basket of reeds and places her child and let the basket afloat. In this woman we see a mother who bears the child and cares and protects the child, then entrusts the child to God’s care and protection.


Moses’ sister watches over her brother and stands at the river. Then when Pharaoh’s sister arrives and takes interest in the child she found in the water, Miriam volunteers to be the person to find a woman to care for the child. Miriam in a way acts as a mother who watches over her children. We would have experienced such care and motherly oversight from different people.


Then we hear of Pharaoh’s sister who did not give birth to Moses but accepts him as her child and brings him up. She played a very important role in bringing up Moses as a young man. Such motherly acceptance, care and guidance we receive from our parents, loved ones and brothers and sisters.


The gospel reading tells us about a mother whom we all love and cherish, the Blessed Virgin Mary. She was a mother who heard about the difficult life her son will have to face when he grows up. She commits herself to be with her child who was the Son of God who came into the world to be the saviour of the world by sacrificing his life on the cross of Calvary.


For all these mothers and our mothers in whom we see a part of God we give thanks.