Palm Sunday 10 04 22

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Palm Sunday 10 04 22

Gospel: Luke 19.28-40


We enter the final week of Lent and we begin by commemorating our Lord’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. The events that are going to unfold are not going to be a surprise for Jesus Christ. He has constantly informed his disciples about his betrayal, arrest, torture and death. All this awaits in Jerusalem, the ‘city of peace’.

Yet Jesus thronged by fellow pilgrims process into Jerusalem. Jesus had organised a colt that will carry him into Jerusalem accompanied by people singing and shouting ‘hosanna; Lord save us and singing, blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord.

This procession tells us about the glory of Jesus. The first thing that we see in this wonderful event is the courage of Jesus to march to Jerusalem, a place which is waiting to arrest him and kill him. It was a situation in which he could have avoided going to Jerusalem fearing impending danger. He marches into Jerusalem and we see the glory of Jesus in his courage. Those who are with him at that time are not going to be with him when he gets arrested, tortured and killed. Yet he accepted the company of the pilgrims and the disciples.

In the Old Testament we hear about a great king David who at a particular point fled Jerusalem and ran for his life. He was a powerful warrior and yet he was so afraid of his son Absolom. He left his city in great anguish and people were not able to bear the sight of their king fleeing his city and they wept bitterly. Here was Jesus knowing there is danger awaiting him marches into Jerusalem triumphantly.

He was fulfilling the prophesy of Prophet Zechariah who said that the anointed one will come riding on a colt. A Colt is a weight bearer and a very ordinary means of transport, the horse on the other hand is grand and is the vehicle of the kings and warriors. The horse is known for its swiftness. The Colt is a humble transport and Jesus chooses the very ordinary means of transport as he travels as the Messiah into Jerusalem.

The majesty of Jesus is seen in his courage, his humility and obedience to God. The crowd rallying around Jesus represents the church which journeys with Jesus, proclaiming him as the saviour of the world and celebrating him as king.

The Palm Sunday leads us to a commitment to walk with Jesus as individuals and as a church and walking with him we absorb his courage, humility and obedience to the will of God.