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Gospel: John 21. 1 – 19

We continue our faith journey in this Eastertide and we hear some amazing and inspiring readings from the New Testament

The first reading from Acts and the Gospel from John’s gospel are events concerning two great leaders of the church, Peter and Paul. We heard Jesus calling Paul to be his apostle and in the second we heard the Risen Lord calling Peter.

Both these events are quite extraordinary, Peter was with Jesus all the time. At a point he told Jesus that he will not desert Jesus come what may. He was the one to confess that Jesus was the Messiah.  Yet at a crucial point he denied Jesus thrice.

Peter therefore not a steady person, not a loyal person, someone who could disown Jesus publicly.

The risen Jesus is not abandoning Peter for all that he did, Jesus is not giving up on Peter but rather comes to him – Jesus still wants to use him for his mission and for his plan. Peter abandoned Jesus but Jesus is not going to abandon him, in fact Jesus is going to use him.

Jesus originally called Peter in the lake of Gennesaret, when Peter could not find any fish after trying all night long. Jesus then had asked Peter to try in a different direction and there was a huge haul of fish and Peter jumped into the lake – realising that Jesus was divine and he does not want anything with the divine. While he was running away from Jesus, he invited him to be with Jesus and said I will make you a fisher of men.

Now in the post crucifixion scenario, Peter now not sure what to do decides to go fishing and once again he did not catch any fish. The risen Christ meets him and suggests a direction to cast the net and Peter tries it and he had a great haul. It was a repeat situation. The risen Jesus does not give up on Peter. Jesus and Peter have a very intimate conversation and Jesus after the conversation tells Peter follow me.

In the first reading from Acts the Risen Christ calls Paul which is quite a mystery. Paul who is so furious about the rise of Christian faith and is going all out to persecute Christians and to stop the spread of the faith. Jesus chooses him to proclaim the faith. The risen Jesus meets him and has a conversion experience and turns to Christ.

Peter and Paul respond to Jesus and become great ambassadors of Christ in the world. Their calling reminds us of our calling to be witnesses of Christ.