Fourth Sunday in Easter 08 05 22

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Fourth Sunday in Easter 08 05 22

New Testament: Revelation 7. 9 – end

Gospel: John 10. 22 – 30


In this Easter season we are reminded of a new perspective that we have received through Jesus Christ our Lord. The death and resurrection of Jesus gives us this amazing perspective which is that death is not the end of life

This is what is evidenced in the great vision in the book of revelation. The book of Revelation contains lots of visions and John shares these amazing visions to Christian people who were facing severe persecution and many had to undergo severe persecution and even death. These amazing visions have great meaning.

We heard of one such vision in the New Testament reading from the book of Revelation. This vision gives us an insight about the type of life beyond death. John sees in this vision a great multitude of people from different nations, languages and ethnicities. These people in the vision are holding palm branches and are celebrating and praising God.

As John wonders who these people are, the elder announces that these are the people who suffered great troubles and persecution and died. Now they are in this world of rejoicing in God’s presence.

The vision ends with the picture of God who is in their midst wiping the tears of their eyes and comforting them and leading them. We find the same idea expressed in the other visions John saw, that there is new reality of joy and celebration awaiting us.

This vision helps us to understand the words of our Lord Jesus Christ, ‘My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life, and they will never perish.’ The physical body will perish someday but then we are not just our body we have a soul that is redeemed by Jesus to share in his risen life.