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The St Edwards publicly visible website – does not use, issue, collect or retain cookies. The public  website itself  does not intentionally collect, use, store  or retain any personal information of any sort. However please see the notes relating to Microsoft and/or Google Hosted Documents and third party linked sites below .

Please also note however, that should you attempt to log into the site or the server, a cookie will be issued and retained along with your IP address ,even if your log in attempt was unsuccesful .

The website does not use or have any online fill able forms , please note  however that contacting a person whose e mail address is given, by e mail ,will automatically give the e mail address used to the recipient. Any personal information given in an e mail may be retained on the recipients computer or mail server for further reference.

Any personal information ( in the way of contact information or otherwise )  displayed on any webpage, has been used and displayed with the full permission of the persons concerned.

Any Personal Information freely given to a member of the St Edwards team for the purposes connected to the booking or arranging of any services (weddings ,baptisms, Hall Booking, ETC) may be stored in both electronic and written form for the express purpose of arranging and administering said services only . This information will not be disclosed to any third party excepting those necessary for the carrying out of said service.

Please note the “weekly news sheet” is hosted ( and displayed via) the Microsoft Documents hosting site and therefore  is subject to Microsoft’s own Privacy terms and conditions which are available on their own website and  HERE , If you do not agree with Microsoft’s Privacy Policy /Terms and Conditions please do not click on the weekly news sheet link/menu tab .

Please note the “HERE” link to the individual readings on the “sermons” pages links to a 3rd party website :  please read and understand that websites privacy policy ( at the bottom of the home page) prior to clicking on the link. If you do not agree with the websites privacy policy please do not click on the link concerned.

Please note the “poster” for the Children’s Craft and  Play Mornings , is hosted ( and displayed via) the Google  Documents hosting site and therefore  is subject to Google’s own Privacy terms and conditions which are available on their own website and  HERE , If you do not agree with Google’s Privacy Policy /Terms and Conditions please do not click on the Childrens Craft and Play Mornings  tab ,under the Groups menu .

Please note and be aware ,that the above statement regarding Google, may also apply to other “posters” advertising events ETC that may be posted on the website from time to time as they will also be hosted via a Google owned and run site.

No responsibility is taken for any information or services which may appear on any linked web sites.  if you agree to access a third party linked site via the St Edward’s site you do so under your own obligations. By accessing any third party website via any link on the St Edwards site you are agreeing to the individual site’s privacy policy , any third party site so linked is not covered by this privacy policy/statement so please do not click on any 3rd party link unless you are sure you agree to the terms and conditions of the  individual site’s own privacy policy .

St Edwards Web Team