Well done to the Knitters!-(Updated March 2023)

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On 16th February 2022, 3 large boxes were sent to Northampton for onward shipment to Africa,  containing 400+ knitted items, hats, jumpers and cot blankets  which had  recently been blessed by Fr. Prem. ( see above)  All items have been knitted by ladies from St Edwards.

We were able to cover the postage from money remaining in the kitty and we have enough money remaining for our next shipment.

A big thank you to Vivienne, Dawn and Joyce ( and Jacqueline -ed) for their hard work and to all those who have donated wool for us to use.  Well done to everyone and thank you to Kevin for helping with the packing and delivery to the parcel depot. More are needed so in the meantime so…..

Keep on Knitting!

In August  two further large  boxes were sent off containing  91 more items consisiting of Jumpers.Hats and Blankets .

Our knitting ladies have been busy again.  Joyce has knitted 35 childrens’ blankets,  while Vivienne, Dawn and Jacqueline have knitted 50+ jumpers, some with matching hats and cot  blankets.

Once these items were blessed by Fr Prem, they were packed up and sent to the Phoenix Group who will distribute them along with medical supplies and hospital equipment to charities around the world where they are needed.

If you would like to join us, or if you would like to donate wool or contribute towards the cost of postage, please contact Jacqueline.

A big thank you must go to all our ladies and to Kevin who deals with the packing and delivery to the postal depot.


Jacqueline Sanderson

March  2023




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